Found a JERK Cop today

Don't mistake firmness w/being impolite or being a jerk. I have not written a traffic ticket since I went to plain clothes nine years ago but here is my opinion. The first thing they train you to do ( after all the officer safety issues ) on a traffic stop is to get the proper documentation. If the motorist asks why he is being stoped, tell them you will explain after you see his license, reg. and insurance card. About 1/2 of my stops I had to repeat this several times and raise my voice to get the person to comply. I have been cursed at on about 1/3 of my stops. Some of these people are normally very timmid. You would be shocked at the people that turn nasty when pulled over. When you get stoped the adrenalin gets flowing and you get scared. Then you get pissed at the cop for making you feel this way.

Every officer has his own style. Firmness is an officer safety issue. The more firm you are the more controll you have over a situation. It can be taken too far though.

Personally, I don't care about a persons excuse for why he did something, it is how he treats me that determins weather I give him a break or not. Now again this is my experience. I work in a very violent city and only used V & T to stop suspicious persons. Unless it was a gross violation. In either case I could care less if the person thought I was "Officer Friendly"

People like to exaggerate, I have been out in public and heard people talk about being stoped by the police. I know they are out right lying because of the outragous stories. "The first thing the that ******* cop said to me was, what the f*** do you think you are doing." Every agency in my county is very professional. Sure, some officers are a little roufgh on the edges but professional. I never in 14yrs. seen or heard of cops acting like this or any of the other stories these idiots tell after a few drinks. They all know how to do the job better than the police!

Don't get me wrong I am not saying cops are perfect, just like mechanics, computer techs., and so on. I don't try to tell them how to do there jobs though.


NO, I am not kidding. I told you MY experience. All the agencies in my county are fairly well paid. With a twenty year retirement plan for most. When I took the police exam 13,000 people also took it for 50 openings. Unless you have a college degree and a flawless backround you will probably not get hired. Unless you are a minority. I know that this is not the case everywhere.

I also know what integrity is. I was an MP in the Army. I know that doesn't mean much to a marine but you don't need to have been either to have integrity. I go back to my opinion that people exaggerate. How do you know that 1/2 of all cops have no integrity. Because when you were wrong and called on it you thought one out of two cops were rude or mistaken. Does that mean he has no integrity? Or is it stories you heard?

Sure it is a hard job, but I never see anyone use that as a crutch. Everyone gets treated the same until they step over the line.

I don't usually respond to critics of the police as I know it will not change their minds. I am sure there are a few cops on TT but they don't want to waste the time either. I don't know why I did it here. I don't know of anyone who got into police work for the power. There isn't as much power as you think. The only time you exercise it is when someone screws up. You had better be right in all of your actions. If not you will have Internal Affairs, the lawyers and judges down your shorts. I got into it because I thought it would be an adventure. It was, for about the first five years. I saw alot of neat things and got to do just about everything there is to do on this job. Now it is just a job. I don't dislike it but it is just a job now. The quickest way to turn a Democrat into a Conserative Republican is to take him on a ride along.


V & T is vehicle and traffic law. It is good to get the paper work first because it is toufgh to get it once the motorist starts to argue w/you. Trust me, most will. In the city a great deal of the time the plate on the car is not the one that belongs to it and the driver is not the registered owner. Very few people will say, "I know I ran that light I was wrong". Those were the ones I didn't write if everything else was good. For some agencies that are not as busy, V & T is a big deal. They don't give too many breaks. They will be very short but professional. They are not there to debate on the side of the road all day.

Interesting thread.

I have run across a few very cool cops while riding.

Once, while camping at Lundy Lake near Mammoth Mountain, I just happened to have my motorcycle with me. To get to the open riding areas from the lake you need to ride on pavement for about five miles. I had my motorcycle warming up while I put on my gear, and a Highway Patrol car pulls up to a camp site a few yards away. Everyone there thought I was busted big time, but instead of turning off the bike and hiding, I just walked up to the guy and politely asked if I could ride on the pavement out of the camping area. He told me "Son, no wheelies, no problem".

The very next day I was riding on the pavement, and who drives by? I gave him a thumbs up and he replied in kind.

Near Victorville myself and some buddies where trying to get to the other side if Interstate 15. We rode for miles trying to find a way, but the only thing we could do is break the law by pulling our bikes under a fence or two and ride pavement for awhile so we could use an overpass to get to the other side of the freeway. So away we go down the streets and toward the overpass, and just as we get to it we spot a cop sitting there looking for speeders.

We stopped in our tracks and my friends start to panic. Busted! One of my less-intimidated friends rides his bike up to the cop car and right up to his rolled down window and asks "Can we ride over the freeway here?" The cop was dumbfounded. He told us that most people try to run in our situation but he would not mind if we went ahead and proceeded safely across the overpass. He had all of us red handed, but let us go.


I wasn't trying to really start an argument with you. I think everyone on this board is awesome. So please don't take my ranting out of context.

I truly did have an unbelievable experience with a cop recently as discussed above with the bicycle lane thing. I was not responsible for this, and still got a ticket. Took it to court and lost, took it to Internal Affairs and they found no wrong doing. Fact was, the cop didn't like me or my bike and found something he could right me a ticket for in an effort to persuade me to not ride in that area anymore. Well, it worked. I haven't ridden in that nearby city ever since.

Cops are like fast food restraunts. One bad experience can make you never trust them again. Basic customer service should be part of the routine!

Oh about the integrity. I won't hold it against you that you were in the Army. I have lots of respect for all military branches. And I wasn't saying that 50/50 have integrity issues. 50/50 are polite or rude. Sorry for the confusion.

The cop I recently encountered had no integrity. So badly that I asked him how he able to sleep at night -- and I would not normally ask such a question. He gave me a ticket for something I didn't do and lied in court to make it stick. The system failed me, as it probably does a lot of people. I think the only way to fix it is to promote better behavior from within the force through good leadership.

Just my .02 cents..,


I'll jump in on this. 1st off let me say I've never had an accident but I do screw around on the road when I feel I"m by myeself or it's safe enough. Feel free to slam for that. Now let me say that I"m 24 y/o and in the 8 years I've been driving I've been pulled over 17 times. I've had 3 tickets all for speeding and all of them were legit, I think the key to this was being honest. The cop asks, "why did you come around that corner behind the building skidding sideways?" and I say "Officer, honestly it doesn't rain in San Diego that much and we were out just screwing around in the parking lot with the E Brake" so he told us not to do that with reasoning and told us to have a good night. That happened every time. Out of the 17 times I've only had one cop that I would say was a jerk and he actually didn't even write me a ticket!! I've been pulled over for everything from guilty looking circumstances where we were pushing shopping carts with our cars at 50 mph into curbs at 3AM and watching them fly to knocking over construction cones. One of the 3 tickets I have gotten sucked cause I honestly thought the speed limit was 65 not 55 and if I'd known I was doing 70 in a 55 not 65 I would have at least hit the brakes when I saw him. The one cop that I think was a jerk blew a tail light violation way outta control. I ended up sitting on the side of the road while they did a dui test, searched my car, ran my info with everyone else that was in the car. All of this came from a tail light that was out. We were all under 21 and had not been drinking at all!! We were coming home from a sat. night speedway event and he thought we were a bunch of drunken stoned kids out causing problems and he tried as hard as he could to bust us but we had done nothing. I actually had just put the motor back in the bug that day and forgot to plug one tailight in and he said that if I was lieing and couldn't go straight to the plug and fix it like I knew exactly what I was looking for then he would find something even though there was nothing. I honestly don't know what his deal was. I was younger then and may have just taken it the wrong way but I thought I was polite through the whole thing like I always am. I think he was embarassed or something cause he was accusing us of doing something typical and it turned out that he had nothing against us.

Sorry this turned out to be so long.



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