06 wr450 mods..lil help?..

Jus' bought an 06 450 and did throttle stop mod and baffle mod. Can I cut grey wire without re-jetting and still get the ignition mod or do I need to do it with the the jetting mods for it to be effective? I am going to do the ais and jetting but would like to cut wire now.

Whaddya think?..


The bike is lean from the factory and should be rejetted out of the box.

You can cut the grey wire without any problems, but you really should bump the jetting up soon.

Heaps more benefit from jetting, but do ALL the mods before you rejet!

I just did all of the mods, except the jetting, on my 06 WR450. It's nice to be able to open the throttle all the way up, and I'm glad the damn backfire is gone. Zanotti Motor was backed ordered on the jets i needed (they should be at my door any day now). Ive taken the bike out couple of times now and I'm very pleased. I would do the mods!

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