Yamakazi, GA426 & Tuner

Guys, check this out http://www.trailsheaven.com/

any intrest in maybe heading up there for a couple of days and checking this out? Here are some pic's from somebode elses ride up there http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=1301292&a=12172266&f=0

One of the guys I work with was telling me about this place, he said it is about a 6hr drive from Atlanta.

Well I'll talk at you later you have a good time riding this weekend can't wait to get back out there with you.


Steve, this looks cool. A great idea for a road trip. Are you not joining us at Copperhead Sat????? How did your forks turn out?

David, I will be in Gulf Shores this weekend so I won't be able to make it to copperhead but I would like to get out there sometime for sure. As for my forks I can't give you a report yet as I have not had a chance to put my bike back together yet and the way it looks it will be late next week before I can.

I would like to put a road trip together and go some where before it gets real cold, just putting some ideas out there and see what kind of response I get for location and dates.

well got to go you have a good time this weekend and don't push your self to hard(I bet your tired of being told that)


Chances are slim for me to make a road trip. This Las Vegas thing is going to set me back and it'll take a little while to recover financially and get caught back up on work. I'll try to keep an open mind but don't plan anything involving me. Thanks for the invite, though. Steve, wish you could make it Saturday.


MX Tuner

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