XR650R Differences in model years?

Are there any differences, aside from cosmetics, between the 2000 XR650R and the latest model?

I'm guessing not but with a new model often a few quirks get worked out over the years.

Thanks muchly, Mark

Nothing much to speak of. The 2000-2002 had a clutch bushing that wasn't ideal. A newer model clutch bushing was released. It's easy to replace the old bushing with the new bushing, and cheap also. No big deal, but it's definitely worth doing if you happen upon an older model 650R, as the consequences of the seized bushing is VERY expensive. Other than an updated part here and there, the bikes are totally identical and all parts are interchangeable from 2000 to current. So, a 2000 model with 5hrs of runtime is just as good of a bike as a 2004 model with 5 hrs of runtime.

See this website for all the nitty gritty on the Pig; bad and good. http://www.xr650r.us/


I found a great deal on a low, low time '00 for half the price of a new one.

Which, thankfully, will be easier to slide by the War Dept. budget committee. :thumbsup:

Congrats. That's how I bought my 2000 model in '02. When I replaced my clutch bushing it showed no signs of wear, but I replaced it anyway for good measure. It does not affect ALL bikes, but it's common enough to be seriously addressed. I think it has alot to due with holding the clutch in alot while in gear. For example, sitting at red lights in traffic with a street legalized bike.

Be sure to check out the XR650R Yahoo Group. TONS of good info that will be invaluable to you. Also make sure you get the Honda Service manual. There are some online versions, but for the ~$60 of the hardcopy it's WELL worth it.

If the bike hasn't already been uncorked, you will want to do that immediately. Check out http://www.arrowheadmotorsports.com/ for all your uncorking needs and more. They even have the new clutch bushing and locknut that you will need. The owner used to be the owner/moderator of the XR650R Yahoo group. He knows 650R's.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have specific questions.

Thanks again.

I've been educating myself with the gaggle of info that is out there.

I've browsed the BRP link you posted before and marked it as my first 'to-do' stuff once the bike is in my garage.

I'm pretty excited about this 'new' bike. Almost as much as my 15y/o son who gets to slide onto my heavily flogged but still bullet-proof XR400.

Thanks also for the direct contact offer.

Cheers, Mark

The 2000 model had the a countershaft seal leaking problem, which was resolved in 01 I believe. I carry a seal on big Mexico rides.

Yeah, that's another one. However, it's not as wide spread. I've never had a problem with my 2000 counter shaft seal. As I understand it, the root cause of this leakage is overfilling the oil and the extra internal case pressure that is a result. Another cause can also be a blockage of the crankcase vent tube that snakes up under the seat and vents into the air box. If the hose gets pinched by the seat, the pressure build up can blow the seal. Another cheapy to fix, I've got the new (thicker) seal, but I've not installed it.

Filling and checking the oil on the Pig is a task, as is threading in the oil dipstick. The oil can't be checked until after the bike is warm and right after the motor is shut down. It's to easy to not put enough, or put to much oil in.

The Pig definitely has it's peculiarities. Fortunately, most are easily fixed or avoided if the owner is educated on them.

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