Paddle tire on xr650r?

About to take my 01' xr650r to glamis for pres. weekend and was wondering if im gonna run into any clearance problems running a paddle tire? also what cup paddle would you recomend?

I will be there too this weekend w/ my 650, look for a 650 w/ a 8 inch dia. light on it for night rides. I run an 8 cup and it clears with no problem. A big paddle may hit though as its kinda tight. Just trim or remove mud flap or it will be gone.

Alright rad, yeah this weekends gonna be soo fun. keep a look out for me too, just look out for a kid with alot of tattoos and a 650r with a huge 5 gallon clear tank, haha!!

What no piercings? :thumbsup:

What no piercings? :thumbsup:

Ill leave that to your imagination :thumbsup:

Looks like I'm headed to Glamis this weekend. Getting a paddle tire today and trying dune riding for the first time on my XR650R.

Shop I got the tire at said to go with the 8 cup and an extended chain. My stock chain is in real good shape still so I imagine he knows best eh?

Well with the tire mounted and the rock/mud guard removed it fits fine using the stock chain.

I got an 8 cup chin-shin (sp?). Hear it's not so hot of a tire but it's my first dune trip so we'll see how it goes.

I have been riding out there for a couple of decades on lots of different bikes. Currently on a 650r race bike mainly. I found that it pulls better with the same tall desert gearing (15/48) and a 6 cup than dropping the gears a bit and going with a 8 or 10 cup. The longer chain is a good idea, some extra clearance is not a bad thing, you may need it.

Don't let off the gas too often otherwise that pig is going to want to nap in the sand!

650r, uncorked, PC jetting, air box mod, cam, full exh, upper/lower applied clamps, scotts dampner, pro tapers, sdg, 3.2 natural tank, PC springs and valving, x-ring chain, excels with hex hubs, rekluse w/over ride, etc, etc..

Have fun and watch out for drunk guys with 600hp long travel 4-seaters!

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