XR650L Dropped Valve Seat and dented piston

First time posting here. This is an awesome forum by the way.

Start off my saying that I just bought this bike last weekend and I Love it.

2000 XR650L 10,700 miles. Bike wouldn't start this moring... then it all of a sudden lost compression... then it all of a sudden stopped cranking over. I ripped into the engine and found this:



So the head is definately gone.:thumbsup:

The block or cylinder seems fine, there isn't any scoring on the cylinder wall or anything. The piston doesn't have any play so the rings are still good.

Do you guys think I should replace this piston?

Where is a good place to buy engine parts(head, piston, gaskets) for this beast?

Thanks for all of the help in advance,


You may have a couple of option's. Service Honda .com,XRs only and then there was some one parting out a crashed bike. Oh and E bay.

Yes, replace the piston.. A stock one is actually quite inexpensive. The head is another story. $$$

My 1995 XR650L did this exact thing with the exhaust valves at the 16,000 mile mark in 1999. I blame on flogging in desert races on really hot days with stock jetting.

I got a new head, valves, etc, and the piston and rings through ServiceHonda.

With mine, I kept having to adjust my Valve tappets out.. That was strange to me, then the seats cracked and revealed the real reason for the problem.

Don't allow your local shop to send your 650L head off to somewhere in So Cal to get 'repaired', as it will fail within 4000 miles.

I watched a head go for 204 buckaroonies on ebay yesterday. It was tooo much for me as a spare, but It woulda been a great price for you. :thumbsup:

I'd replace the piston with that many miles on the clock, Besides you may have collapsed the ring land where the chunks hit...

Check Service Honda or right here in the TT store and you might run a ad in the classified on this site........... :thumbsup: .. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the advice.

Found everything on ebay except for the head

I checked service honda and they want $357 for the head bare, still have to buy valves/springs/cam. So I am hunting for a used one, but no luck so far.

Do you guys know of a motorcycle dismantler thats likely to have it and will ship?

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