Super 06 WR450 - Must See

Well - Hope the title didnt piss ya off but I figured another jetting help post wouldnt attract much attention..

Well I have never jetted a bike but have done alot of research so I think I can handle it - anyway this is what I have put together but I need some help from the guru's..

Model: 2006 WR450

Timing: WR

Main jet: 170

Pilot Jet: 48

Needle Jet: ?

Starter Jet: 70

Pilot Air Jet: 100

Leak Jet: 40

Fuel screw (turns out): Zip Ty ?

Needle model/Clip position: JD ?

Airbox: Snorkel out - Twin Air Power Flow Kit / Bio Oil - Barnumspro Induction Kit

Pipe: Full White Brothers Carbon Pro

Altitude where you ride: 1900 Ft.

Temperature where you ride: 65 - 95

Other: PowerNow Carb Intake System - GYTR AIS Kit - Gray Wire Mod

I got it modded to hell so it should need alot of juice to keep er happy - All the jets are a research guess at best so if you can help me tune it up some I would much appriciate it..

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