sheared stopper plate HELP!

I did some work on my bike ( 03 450 ) that required the removal of the crank case cover and the kick axle assembly came out with it. I got everything back together and fired it up. I noticed a lot of noise coming from the kick starter. I checked the lever and it seemed to operate fine (recoiled and ratchet), but I noticed if I applied some forward pressure to the kick starter the noise would go away. I did not think I had anything to worry about so I went for a short ride. After about 15 minutes of riding I heard a horrible grinding noise and felt the bike shake. I took the crank case cover off and saw that the kick axle assembly had sheared the stopper plate and bolts completely off. I have tiny pieces of metal every where.

I checked the manual just to make sure I had put every thing together correctly and I think I did have it right. I checked the kick axle assembly and it seems like it is OK as well. I never had issues with the kick start before this.

What could cause this? How do I get all those metal fragments out of my engine?

Thanks in advance.

This is very common on the Yamaha kick start. People over kick and slam in the stop and after a few hundred slams the little metal stop tang breaks off and falls down in the tranny where it can crack your case and wedge under the oil pump gear and in a few minutes; hundreds of dollars worth of damage. I doubt the metal stop is in than many pcs unless the tranny chewed it up and if so then you have to split the cases and clean / replace parts as needed. :thumbsup:

I have been digging around with a telescopic magnet and so far I have found only very small slices of metal. I really don't wont to split the case if I don't have to. I was thinking of taking the oil drain bolt out and flushing the bottom end with a few bottles of wd40 to shake lose anything I can, then follow up with the magnet and a magnetic drain plug. I agree that the gear could not have chewed up everything into filings, theres got to be some big chucks hidden in there some place. Do you think this will work?

About the kick axle assembly; I guess I'll order a new one. I am sure I put everything together correctly and this is the only component that could have caused this. What a pain!

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