help jetting my 426

please excuse me for asking this question, i know there is a forum for jetting only but i am looking for model specific answers and you guys seem to have a lot of good answers. i have an 02 426 with what i assume stock jetting, i came to that only because until now it still has stock pipe. I am going to be installing a big gun system soon and would like some input on the correct jetting to use for this application, if anybody is running a big gun and what works best.

If you're making it breathe better, you'll have to richen it up a bit. I live in Texas where it's warm and dry. When I switch pipes (I have 2) I just make use of my Zip-Ty externally adjustable fuel screw. I start it, see if it pops or bogs, and adjust accordingly. Easy as pie. It may be that simple for you.

Kizzle is right, get an extended fuel screw for quick adjustments. When I put an aftermarket exhaust on mine I had to change the main jet to a 165 also. (Stock is 162)

I'm thinking mine has a kit b/c i'm running 52/178 and it's running perfect.

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