seat fitment

Anyone know if the latemodel xr600 (airhead) seat will fit the xr600l? :thumbsup:

I own both an XR600 and an XL600R (what's an XR600L? Did you mean XR650L?), but the XL is at my brother's house in another state. I know they have different bolt down methods. The XL has studs coming from the pan near the center and the XR has brackets that bolt on near the edge. They both use a tab near the front but I seem to remember them being in a slightly different location from each other.

do you mean late model XR600 sea fits the XR650L?

yes it does

this is my 2000 model XR HRC628 with a more modern look courtesy of a 2003 XR650L seat with hard ceet seat foam.


Thats what I meant.

Cool deal on the seat. I found a Ceet step package from guts racing, I will try it out on my xr650L.

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