Mileage on XR650R?

I'm thinking about selling my DRZ 400S to get a XR650R and make it street legal. The only problem I'm worried about, is how long are the motors good for(mileage wise) before you have to go into them? I'll probably use the bike 60% on road. Does anybody have a lot of miles on there XR650R?

I have about 10,000 on my 01 and there are no signs of any loss in power or any excessive oil use. I am sure we have TTers with many more miles than me. I just don't understand the desire to use the 650R for any major amount of street riding. Dirt tires wear out very fast compared to street tires plus a real street bike is more fun IMO on the street than a dirt bike as long as street wheelies are not a high priority.

The 650R motor is very reliable. The mileage is hard to say though without a non resettable odometer from the factory, there is no way of knowing. In comparison to the street legal 650L, the 650R is a higher compression engine and is tuned a bit tighter. In this sense, I would guess that it wouldn't live as long as the milder 650L motor which I've heard can easily get into the 20,000+ mile range. I have no idea about the DRZ's reliability and mileage expectations.

I've put many miles on my 2000 650R both dirt and street (street legal, with a supermoto setup that I swap out). I would guess I've got 8-10,000 miles on mine and I've never had a problem. The extra smiles from the 650R's big bore power, and off road capability make it worth a possibly shorter lifespan.

It'll go A LOT farther than that Suzuki.

Just remember, it isn't a roadbike so you will not be putting roadbike quantity miles on it, my humble guess is that you will be lucky to put 4,000 miles a year on it.....20,000 miles should be several years of exceptionally good times. Although the compression is higher than the L, it is also watercooled , more than off-setting the wear from higher comp., There is so much you can do with an R , that includes upgrades later. Plus if you do have to rebuild eventually, it is not nearly as expensive as a Euro bike rebuild. ( a piston alone for my Berg is $270)

By the way, a year and a half of motarding the L meant a rebuild, 2 years of motarding the R and it doesn't even use a drop of oil...

I have 15K on mine so far, all done in the desert. It still runs fine. I've seen a few with over 20K before needing a top end and valve job.Are street miles any harder on a bike that off-road?

It'll go A LOT farther than that Suzuki.


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