wr 426 missfiring and high idle

I got a WR 426-01 with stock pipe and I cant get the bik to run proerly, it starts perfect on choke, and sounds ok, but when i get of the choke it starts to "poff" in the silencer an runs pretty porly, it getts a bit better as the engine gets warmer,

as i get of the gas the idle is still hangin at about 3000 rpm and stays there for about 10 sec. bvefore it gos down to "good" idle an about 5 secs later it stals.

I cleand the carp like 1000 times and checked the jetting, it it stock! I did go up on tje slow jet 5steps but no differance.

it dosn´t matter how the mixture is, it dosn´t react on anything.

Need help...



Check your hot start button. If it is not closing and sealing properly it can cause these types of problems.

I agree with BC61. Sounds like the hot start is stuck open.

Ok, thanx

Is the piston simular to the choke? I mean, the choke has a rubber sealing on the top of the piston, but not my hot start.

Are they supposed to be that way? or are the piston sealing missing?


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