426 motor in 450 frame!!

I recently rebuilt my 02' YZ426 engine (complete strip and clean, and lots and lots of new parts, piston, conrod, oil pump, almost every bearing, cam chain and guides etc) and then fitted it in a 04' 450 rolling chassis, the problem is that i put 1500ml of oil in and it was reading over full on the dipstick, where before the 426 engine in an original frame will hold 1700ml up to full mark on the dip stick, does anybody know if the tank in the frame on a 450 is smaller than a 426 frame, or do the 450's run more oil in the engine than the frame!

oh and by the way, yamaha changed just about everything so you couldn't fit an older engine in a newer frame, even down to just one of the engine mount holes being half an hole out!!! :thumbsup: The coil fits snuggly under the tank now though well away from any mud and water. :thumbsup:

Regards Mark

I would like to see some pictures if you can. Sorry I can't help with the oil question, but I would like to see the bike. The 426 is an awesome engine.

The later years of the 426 held less oil. Only the 00 called for the 1700 of oil.

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