Georgetown Injury Update

Hey Guys, found out I have a couple of fractured ribs in addition to the AC shoulder separation. Doc says two months off the bike. Maybe I can do better than that. I'm really bummed that I didn't get to check out the rest of the terrain out there. Thanks again to George, Ron, Rick, and Monty for all the concern, help, and true comaraderie. You guys were all super. I like to think that I'm a fairly descent rider. I guess I just forgot to take my ADHD medication. (kidding) Anyway, looking forward to the next ride.


Its easy to get carried away (literaly) when your riding with those guys. If you can make one of our camp-out trips you won't be disappointed. Monty usually waits till everyone's tongues are hanging out before he (finds) the really tough technical trails. I guess that's why I like Monty soooo much. :) Get well soon, huge

Michael, all that stuff will heal. Just take it easy and don't start riding again until you are completely healed up. I look forward to meeting and riding with you. I think we will have some great rides this winter. Take care, Paul

Thanks Monty and Paul...look forward to some good rides. I'm feeling better and am wanting to get back on the horse so to speak...but I will be patient and wait till I'm completely healed. Hope you guys get out there and tear it up. Take care.


PS_ Howard...thanks for the get well note. I look forward to meeting you as well. I hear you flat out rip!


Hay Huge how you doing? hows the bike coming along ,Mike glade your ok man that was a nasty get off we will get you back up there when your well it should be raining by then take care of yourself.


Hey Mike it's Ron, Just wanted to say we all fall and get hurt it was just your turn, Get well soon. Monty said he was going to try ad miss this real nasty rocky hill but he did'nt. Kinda makes me wonder was he testing us.


Hi Ron hows it going you work that DRZ-E dam good that old rocky hill an't what I had in mind next time we go up there I'll show you the other hill I was talking about.You going to ride the daul sport ride on the 29th at downieville?


Michael send me your e-mail for my list



Bad news Mike, rib injuries hurt. Most of us have been there done that. Good news is you will ride again just in time for the good dirt.


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Hey Ron, riding with Monty is a test. A test of wills. Will I make it or will I not? :D All seriousness aside though, when Monty took W and myself up to Stonyford we were both still pretty green just returning after many years off from riding. There were a couple of times when he showed us an easier way around something even though I knew he would have rather taken the more challenging route. He is a gentleman rider. The one thing I like about riding with him and the other guys is that it is making me a better rider. I think most guys who ride with Monty expect to be taken on a A kicking ride! :)

Hey Monty, that's the "S" model over 300 lbs.The ride was still a blast, Paul is right you are a gentleman rider. We need Paul there next time.


Hey Monty not riding for this long has been hard on me. I don't know what to do with myself, and i'm gaining weight. The good news is that i think the 426 engine noise is the CB gear i will try and fix it this week as soon as the woodruff key comes in. BTW the 426 now sports a new terry cable clutch cable and new throttle cables with all the slack adjusted out of them new tires fresh oil and a splash of race gas. And the 400 should be done this week brand new from the ground up. I too am looking foreward to going up the rocky hill climb in Georgetown (we know the one :)) I will bring the camera too capture some of the failed attempts.


Huge that sounds good but remember to watch out for ranger Dick oh I mean ranger Bill and his sound tool,We will stage at bald mont,like we did last time the ranger will be all over mace mill.Talk to you later.


Monty how did you run into ranger dick up there was he in his truck or on a bike? Worst case we can get dressed down the road pull into the staging area and ride our bikes out of the back of the truck the way Malcom did On Any Sunday. You and i both know he won't be seeing us till its time to load up. And if he tries to sound test me I might have a problem starting my bike, no run =no sound :) We know how easily these things flood. I will be racing every Sunday in October. the Dist.36 thing...

R U ready to enter a Hare Scramble Monty? They are having one up by your neck of the woods. Oct. 14th at Cow Mountain. Let me know.

got to go, huge

Hey George, how come everytime you go out riding people come back hurt. I'm starting to think you bad luck or something.


an XL 250? Hell we can all smoke ranger Dick. I'm gald that I haven't had the opportunity to meet Mr. Dick yet. My sarcasm would probably get me into trouble. Should I be ordering the quiet endcap for my T-4 exhaust? PS- feeling better boys.


Michael, we could all smoke ranger DICK regardless of what he rides! :)

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Howard ranger DICK was on a bike XR250 we had stop at 5 conners for a regroup when he came pullin up didn't know who it was until he was on top of you.I got a plan for staging up there something like (BILLS) PLACE were he can't sound check or falow us back to our trucks,ride on DUDE.


426 is feeling/sounding much better now the play has been taken out of the C B Gear. Japanese engineer's &%$#@! they stepped on their pee pee on that one. Fortunately its not a bad fix. We will see how long she stays quiet. I rode three days straight after getting her fixed up and man do I feel better.

going to club moto tomorrow after work, huge

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