Georgetown Injury Update

Hay Howard thats geart news, sounds like your up and at it agian lets plan a ride at stonyford late oct,?


Monty, do you want to ride Saturday? I have to go to Tahoe on Sunday for a wedding but would like to get a ride in Saturday. My WR is not dual-sport ready yet but I would really like to ride it. What do you say? Paul

Paul would love to go but I am getting ready for las vagus I am leving on the 11th so I have to get everthing ready after that daul sport ride last weekend, which by the way was one of the best I have been on.What did you think of that up hill section 3miles long dam what a hill.


Monty, we'll hook up for a ride when you get back from Vegas. I loved that whole ride even that up hill section. Dan and I were sort of expecting that the "Nasty Down hill" the guy refered to to be worse than it actually was. We went down and said is that all there is to it? It was a great trip. Let me know if you got the pictures I sent. Talk to you later, Paul

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