Headlight, worth the weight?

I'm headin to the dunes next weekend and was wonderin if I shouldnt just pull the headlight off for a little bit less push in the soft stuff. What do you guys think, would I even notice the weight loss?

No, that thing weighs 2-3 pounds at the most. just dont eat breakfast that morning and take a dump before you go riding :thumbsup:

I agree you won't even notice it, and there is a lot more things you could do to make it handle better.

1. lower front tire pressure

2. tigten up front fork dampening.

3. increase sag in the rear

4. Decrease comp dampening in the rear.

5. Keep your weight to the rear. and let that sucker fly

Thanks for all help. I'll just leave it on, plus I can go night riding. Can you run different bulbs w/o blowing the stator also?

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