FMF header/ P.C. Muffler on 04XR650 ?

Does anyone know if a Pro Circuit Muffler will match up with an FMF power-bomb header on my 04 XR650? I have the Pro Circuit muffler already and can get a really good deal on the FMF header but can't return it once I buy it.

This exactly what i want to do. Buy the T4 can and run the fmf header. If your talkin t4 it bolts to the stock header and i belive the fmf would bolt right to a pc t4. Not 100%sure. 90% sure.

This is much cheaper. P.C. T4 $330+ fmf $180= $510 and a full pro cuircuit=$640

Be careful which PC silencer you have. PC makes two different ones with different IDs. One for slip on purposes and one for a complete exhaust system.

I used to have one which came from the complete exhaust set up(bought the silencer on ebay) and when I went to use it with the stock header, it did not fit. The silencer ID was too big for the OD of the stock header. I tried to make a gasket but it leaked. So I went to PC and bought the right header and it worked great from there out. PC's header has a larger ID than the stock header to increase flow and top end.

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