Corbin seats

I just got off the phone with Michael in sales at Corbin seats and he said that this year they modified the seat pan so that I will fit both the XR650L and the XR650R. I asked him if it will fit with a IMS tank and he said that I will. Leather or vinyl and your choice of piping $269. Someone else may want to call and verify to make sure that Michael knew what he was talking about, but for me it sounds like good news.



After a quick check to the website;

"Infinite ratio space foam provides plenty of resiliency to absorb shock on rigorous trail rides. Can be color coordinated to your XR650L or XR650R. Mounts simply, works with stock or IMS tank."

I emailed them on 12-8-05, here is how it went;

Hi Lance,

Thanks for a interest in our seats.The only way we could make a seat for

your bike is if we had a bike here.How we make the seats is off the frame

of the bike this way we would know for sure it would fit your bike,just

going off a pan there's no way to say you would have the proper fit.

If you have any other questions feel free to email me.

Thanks in advance,


At 09:18 AM 11/28/2005 -0800, you wrote:

> --> Hello, I'm interested in a Corbin seat for my XR650R. The 650R

>is different than the 650L seat that you carry. I see that you have a

>seat for the XR600R and now the CRF450R, you have about every bike except

>the XR650R. I do have a spare stock seat pan/foam that I can send in for

>sample purposes. Can Corbin make a custom seat for my 650R? Would you

>need a sample seat pan? How much $? Thanks for any info.



Theron Blair


2360 Technology Pkwy

Hollister,Ca. 95023

800-538-7035 ext-231


For what it's worth, I contacted Mr. Renazco, at

He is more dual sport, adventure bike oriented. He will make you a seat according to your riding needs and specifications.

I have an extra stock 650R seat, pan and all that I offered to send to him. I've heard of at least 2 650R owners that have his seats. They are supposed to be pretty good. He can do vinyl or his specialty is a water resistance suede. His seats are ~$200-$250 + shipping.

I don't know how they can claim to make a seat that will fit both the xr650r and the xr650l, when they can't even make one that will fit a xr650l with out a sheit load of grinding.

But after ya get it on, it is more comfortable than the stocker.

But not by much. Too hard for me. :thumbsup:

I ordered a Corbin seat for my '05 XR650L and it bolted right on. I have a Clarke 4.7 was a bit tight, but no grinding or prying was required.


I have the Renazco seat. It fits every request I asked for when talking to James (the owner) and is an absolute pleasure to ride on. I ended up with the suede, which has a feeling somewhat similar to gripper but without the "wiped your arse with sand-paper" feeling that you get with gripper after 100+ miles. He charges roughly the same as Corbin, but offers a product that in my opinion is far superior (it's tailored to you, for one).

On a side note, I recently purchased another XR650R with a 'home made' seat that ended up pretty well. The previous owner cut down the seat and added some kind of padding (it felt like insulation, but whatever it was it got the job done :ride: ). Because of the shape of the stock seat, when it gets cut down there is more surface area for your arse which is a good starting point for building the seat back up for more comfort. Worth a try if you don't want to drop $250.

Corbin USED to have a good reputation for being an upgrade. Now there are PLENTY of Corbins rotting away in garages as they aren't any more comfortable (or worse) on some bikes.

Yea I did the corbin also on my XRL. Had to weld longer tabs on just to secure it to the frame,now it fits perfect. It was a good up grade.

I had to send my CORBIN back, wouldn't come close to lining up for mounting, and they 'forgot' to glue down the cover ... ... then it came back worse than before ... Corbin is JUNK ... :ride:

Did anyone read the Mike Corbin biography that came with there seat? Interesting read.

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