Shorter kick start lever?

Hi, Im 5'6 and i had my 06 lovered a half an inch, and im still havin diffuclity kicking the monster over, is there a shorter kick starter out there? and does it even help? thanks for the help.................D.C.

Pro Tec makes one. They are 1.5 inches shorter than stock. I out one on my (vertically challenged) fiancee's 250F and it helped alot. Here's there phone number, (951) 698-8988.

BBR has one as well!And yes it helps a lot,put one on my wifes wr250 and she loves it! :thumbsup:

bbr is only listing one for up to the year 02. do you think that will fit?

HUMMMMMMMM,I'm not sure,my wifes is a 03 and it fit. :thumbsup:

I have the pro tec one and its awsome .

does pro tech have a website so i can check it out?

I called BBR over the summer to get a shorty kicker for my 01 250F and they said that they were no longer producing them. They may have started up again, but when I called, it was a clearance special.

I need one. When I kick my bike over the starter keeps getting stuck on the gigantic fastway pegs.

sick. i gotta order me up one, thanks for the help guys! :thumbsup:

Wouldn't a shorter lever = less torque?

Wouldn't a shorter lever = less torque?

Thats what I was just thinking :thumbsup:

So like, if you cut the lever down to 1 or 2 inches you can kick it over with your pinky finger? :thumbsup:

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