AIS kit

Please help me find one. Ordered mine from TT and still has not showed up. :thumbsup: I need one testerday. If your local shop or anyone has one please let me know. Thanks :thumbsup:

I ordered one from TT a few weeks ago and it showed up in a matter of days. Did you get an order confirmation?

As soon as your order is shipped, our system will notify you automatically via email. Should you have any further questions concerning our order processing, shipping or other procedures/policies, please refer to our easy-to-use, 24/7 help system.

Didn't find everything you were looking for? Most likely we'll have it or can get it for you, so give us a shout: Phone: +1.866.6.SHOP.TT (+1.702.940.7899 local), Email or Live Support.

Call up TT and ask them where it is.

Whats the benifit of the AIS kit? Doesnt it just shoot air into the exhaust?

No, it shoots exhaust into the airbox during high vacuum situations like deceleration or high speed low throttle riding.As far as the AIS kit, I just took all the AIS hoses and pipes off of my friends new '06 WR 450 and tapped a 1/8 NPT pipe plug into the cyl. head port, capped the vacuum port with a rubber cap and clamp and plugged off the airbox hole with a piece of hose with a plastic plug in the end, rejet and go riding--Easy. WR Dave. :thumbsup:

Take the stuff off yourself and plug the vacuum lines with plugs from any auto parts store and tap the fitting in the head with a 1/8 pipe tap and screw in a pipe plug.

Cool. That will be my next quick project.

Why do people spend so much money on a bike and then try to save a buck by throwing cobby crap on from a hardware store that could ruin your engine? I don't think I want to have a pipe tap near the soft aluminum head at any time in the near future. :thumbsup: Kick down the cash people. BTW the AIS injects air into the exhaust at a feeble attempt to burn unburned fuel. :thumbsup:

Cant I just plug both of the rubber tubes and cap off the vent tube to the airbox? Do you have to tap the p[lug in?

They Still tell me that it will be there someday.

don't you just love it when they tell you "someday" :thumbsup:

How difficult can it be to confirm an ETA? :thumbsup:

I got a confirmation from them today. They said it has shipped. We'll see.

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