'06 YZ450f leaking water pump

I own a '06 YZ450 with no time on it, its to cold in MN, but when I start it in the garage it leaks a few drops of coolant from the water pump weep hole until warm. Dealer replaced seal, still leaked, then replaced pump shaft, still leaks. Yamaha rep. told dealer not uncommon and will stop once bike broke in. I don't know if I buy it. Anyone here of this?

I have an 06 and so far with about 4 hrs, no leaks. However, my 04 450 YZF did leak from the weephole. We replaced the seals on the shaft and it was good as new. I dont know about that breakin line. There is a 30 day engine warranty. I'd push that.

Mine leaked a few drops as well so my dealer called the tech line with me there. They told us the seal on the shaft is a harder grade and when cold it may weep a few drops, but once broken in the seal will be seated and shouldn't leak. I was also somewhat unsure of that answer, but marked the date with the dealer in case a warrenty repair was needed. Since that time I have logged 3 hours time on the bike with no more leaks. I am inclined to believe the techline in that you need to get some hours on the bike and it should be fine.

I love this bike. :thumbsup:

hey you should post this topic again!!!

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