650R - raising Redline

i've seen what appear to be a few "homemade" rev boxes for the 650 that raise the redline by 1000rpm...


didn't yoshimura offer an official one or something

reason i want something like this is i'll be roadracing the 650R on big tracks and need as much advantage as i can get an another 1000rpm seems liek it be nice

thats the only thing i miss about my ole 426 was how fast and high it revved

heres oen from XR's only

anyone use one? Most peopel probably don't need them in the dirt but when your talking about full on road course i think it be nice to have on top of my other mods


I don't think that rev box will give you anything noticeable with the stock cam as the motor is already going to sleep at around 6200RPM. With a stage 1 or stage 2 cam the motor will pull all the way to the top. Do the cam and headers first and see what you get. Then try the rev box. Just my opinion.

ok-forgot to mention I have a full titanium exhaust-stage 2 hotcam-Quicksilver carb-bikes strong all the way to rev limiter

just wondering if anyone else has used this

another thing i noticed about the 650R is- Is the first gear suppose to be kinda low? Seems like it too me

anybody know if the 99 'L' has a rev limiter built in?

I'm new to the bike, didn't get an owners book or anything like that and the other day while riding pave, it was a bit damp in places, but it seemed like I was either spinning the rear so hard, or I was banging the rev limiter,,......either one would surprise me

[snip]...Is the first gear suppose to be kinda low? Seems like it too me

On pavement, yes--it's too low with stock or very close to stock gearing (IMO).

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