Wanted: The Magic Button

Does anyone know when Honda is going to come out with factory e-start on the 650? I am getting old and my right leg is rebelling. I want a new XR650 and do not want to have to resort to the coffee can after market starter.

I doubt the XR650R will ever have factory electric start. Its (enter speculation) CRF replacement might though...

I have heard that the XR line may go away. So do you think we are looking at a CRF650 in the future?

The 650R will never receive and electric leg. Dude if you ride a 650, you should be able to kick it over w/out issue. This bike is not for nancy's. However, if you really want one Baja designs has one for around $800.

About 10 years ago, I had a 1985 XL600 that I was able to start in 3 kicks or less every time - even after sitting for months during the winter. The trick is to slowly move the piston to TDC with the kickstarter. When you move the kickstarter slowly, it should flow smoothly and then hit some resistance. When you hit the resistance, the piston is at TDC. Once there, jump up and stand on the kickstarter and let your body weight do the rest.

Or you could just go get a DRZ, WR, or CRFx and not have to worry about kickstarting unless the battery dies :thumbsup:

You might think differently twenty years from now. :thumbsup: I do a lot of riding in Baja and having that button would be nice. A few of my friends went to other brands for that reason and found out that they missed the reliability of the trusty XR. And if the rumours about the TRX quad line getting the 650 motor are correct, it would make sense that the engineering may include e-start.


Check out the XR650R Yahoo Group. Lot of banter about that... a dealer on the East Coast had a brand new 650R on eBay shown as an electric start. Never could get any reliable response from him when I questioned him about this, and never saw any pics. There are some pics that show a European model equipped with electric start, looks factory, except the placement of the battery is right behind the right radiator and just above the exhaust header, blocks most of the airflow through that radiator. It's a kit that's available for 900 Euros, if I remember right. I imagine there's a better alternative for the battery placement- this could be the schizznit.

Got to agree with the TDC part. I've seen guys trying to start xr650r's that just keep kicking and kicking the starter trying to start it. I get it into TDC and give the decomp lever a 1/4 pull in and push the kickstarter down about 1 inch or so and then release the de-comp lever and then kick down on the kickstart. Do not let the kickstart come back up from the 1 inch you just pushed it down. Bike fires up 1st or 2nd time everytime.... (That's if I don't forget to turn off the kill switch. Done that quite a few times. :thumbsup: )

Interesting comment Biggity. I always release the decomp lever after going down an inch or so, let the kickstarter come back up to the top, and then give a kick through. It starts 9 out of 10 times for me. I'm curious, what is the reason for your method.


hEY....wHERE'S yER cAPSLOCK kEY?!?!? hA hA...jUST kIDDING. :thumbsup:

I thought I read on here where someone used 650L case/starter/etc for a 600r

engine to add electric start to a 600r?

hEY....wHERE'S yER cAPSLOCK kEY?!?!? hA hA...jUST kIDDING. :thumbsup:

I thought I read on here where someone used 650L case/starter/etc for a 600r

engine to add electric start to a 600r?

I'm the one working on it at the moment.


There is an XR650R SM Motard in Italy that you can possible import if you are really wanting estart


look for XR650R SM

Best I understand you can order the parts from this place....

It doesn't need one, it kicks about as effortlessy as most 350s. Remember, it has an auto comp release...you don't even need to use the manual release to light her off, you can kick right through the compression stroke.

I understand that some French company has developed a factory looking E-start for the XR650R. The pictures I saw were pretty sharp looking. I went with the Baja Designs coffee can look. It is very durable and works great. I almost have two years on mine.

Sweet deal. :thumbsup:

Man, I love interchangeable parts. (Thanks Eli Whitney!) :thumbsup:

dude I'm striking some trouble however.

bloody Honda and their crankshafts.

I'm gonna end up having to make an adapter, I can see it.

I really dont want to delve into my nice new HRC628 motor and be playing with piston shaving and so forth.

the outer cases all bolt on like lego - the bike even has the starter motor bosses built in!!!

one way or another fingers crossed I'll do it.

do any of you guys think theres any market for electric start for the 600R?

Baja Design has the only E Start kit I've seen for the XR650R. I thought it was still around 900 bucks. It will add 15 pounds, and the new stator cover looks like it has a beer can sticking out of the top of it. I am told that this E Start kit will prevent you from adding a larger fuel tank because of the starter & battery placement. Like some other people have said, this bike is easy to start, even cold. You don't need E Start

The JoeRacer kit lots like the most sano kit out. I am going to look into that one. Thanks to all for the info.

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