I soon to be newbe ?

I got a chance to pick up a 97 xr650r with a ca plate on it for 3000$ what I want to know is it worth it I was looking for a 02 or 03 but the photos I have seen it looks real clean. the guy works with my wife and tells her that he has only put about 1500 miles on it so what do ya think

also what are the deferences from 97 to 03 thanks guys help

2000 was the first year for the 650R. Maybe it's the 650L.

i think you got your wires crossed there

Ok, first off, there is no such thing as a 1997 XR650R. It may be a 1997 XR650L or 1997 XR600R, or another year, or he is on crack. But that is besides the point, 3000 is way to much for any of them, 2500 at the most.....i paid 2000 for my 1998 XR650L.....check the garage.

thats what i thought it just did not sound right thats why I asked hear Thanks

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