Clutch lever switch question????

Question. On an 05 WR450. There is a cord trhat goes from the clutch lever down behind the head light. The plug sits on the far left along with the other plug in's. I cant find it in my manual. What happens if I take this off. Im putting on ASV lever,perch and hot start. Lert me know.

Its so you can start the engine in gear by pulling in the clutch-if you pull it off you will have to splice the wires together.

You will more than likely need to get the WR model specific ASV lever. I did on my 04. Its odd, you can put a WR lever on a YZ, but not the other way around. The WR lever is actually a different shape.

So I can splice the nuetral switch together. I just let it hang. I heard there is another way to bypass the switch and fuse it with another in the electrical part.????

My switch went bad, (must have shorted), and I found out the hardway that a WR450 will start in gear......... :thumbsup:

Took about an hour to get my bike back up on that trail, leaking radiator and all :thumbsup:

The WR clutch perch is longer from the end of the cable to the attachment point on the lever. If you put a YZ style clutch perch on you will find the cable is almost too long and you will have to run the adjusters (both on the cable and on the perch) way out to get the right amount of free play. I don't know if the YZ cable will work but that may be an alternative.

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