Kinda Weird

I purchased my WR new almost two years ago paying in full by personal check. Yesterday I get a letter from my bank with the title for my bike! I had just assumed that being a dirt bike there is no title. On the back it shows my bank as the first lien holder even thou I paid cash. Did everyone else get a title? Oh it also has in big bold letters on the front not for street use.

I bought a 01 WR426 back in April. I paid cash. I got a title too, but I expected too. I have got titles here in TX for my other old dirt bike and 4 wheeler and jet skis too.

It too say for off road use only.


01 WR426 Uncorked.

oh ya, you should have got the title titled in your name not the banks if you paid cash. It sounds like a screw up. The bank had nothing to do with it. Maybe in your state it has to show a bank as the fisrt lien. I don't know why though. Maybe so the dealer deosnt have to do the paperwork for the title. Just a theroy.


01 WR426 Uncorked.

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