Cracked crankcase cover for 02 426f

I cracked the crankcase cover on my 426 after a bad kick start. I kicked it on a trail after my XR friend finally caught up to me, but it kicked back and put a crack in the case right below the kick staarter. :bonk: We were a ways out there when it happened - It was kinda hairline so I just rode it back. After the fix it seems to be OK. 2 points with this story:

1. :bonk: If you didn't know your bike could do this, it can. Be careful. I didn't know until i researched it a bit after the fact - It's an easy fix once you get the parts (case, bearings and seals), but I hear i was lucky that I didn't blow the whole case wide open from top to bottom. I guess from 03 on it won't happen.

2. How do I make sure I don't do it again? :thumbsup: Now i religiously cycle through with the compression release a few times when I start it. I've NEVER had trouble starting this bike, except when it's cold outside then it takes five or six good kicks at least. But after that it fires right up every time. I love it, but have lost some confidence in it because of this stupid thing, and I cringe a bit when I kick it. Is there a way to make sure I don't do it again other than the compression release?

Or do I just sell it and get an e-start 06 Husky TE510? :thumbsup:

The most important thing is NOT the compression release routine, but rather NOT lazy kicking it, you absolutely HAVE TO kick it all the way through with determination EVERY TIME you kick it.

I got lucky when mine kicked back and all I broke was the return stop.

An easy $9.00 fix

But i have read posts where guys blew out main cases as a result of a lazy kick and kick back.

Thanks - I don't think I've ever wussy-kicked it - mostly because I can't do that and still start it. You have to kick it hard. But thinking about it, it had been a long day and maybe I just didn't give it enough.

Anyway, it is a stupid thing to have happen. Thanks for the input.

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