What's up with XR's Only?

I know it's been awhile and lot's of things have probably changed, but when I worked with them in 1998 or 1999 after buying what I later learned was the red-headed bastard stepchild 1984 XR250R that needed a complete rebuild, I had nothing but good luck with them.

At the time I had no idea that the 1984/85 motors were trouble prone in a few areas and you could only use those 2 years parts and they went way above and beyond looking for compaitbility, parts, call backs; hell, they even spoke with my local shop over the phone after I decided NOT to send my motor to them for rebuild to tell them what to do. I bought like $300 of stuff from them, small potatoes for them, really, but a lot when you have no money like I did back them and they were so nice to talk to.

I always felt that if I ever got a newer XR, or another pne, they would have my business.

Sorry to hear they have gone downhill. Sucks!

Shortly before the Baja 1000, we had a few bike issues come up, and called XR's only. They went WAY above and beyond to help us out. I've got nothing but good to say about them.

Just placed my order online on 2/12 (sunday). Parts were shipped 2/13, will be here 2/20. Verified with UPS online.

Sounds like pretty good service to me so far. Now hopefully the parts are right and in good shape.

As I mentioned previously, I had an order pending through XRsOnly. I am not affiliated with that company in any way, I am just a customer. My experience with them was top notch. The phone support was right on, their communications with me about my order status where far above what I have come to expect from internet ordering. My package arrived last night, well padded, complete, and accurate. :bonk:

I have nothing bad to say about them. So, :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I understand others have had a poor experience with them, all I know is that I did not. :bonk:

They do great machine work! Customer service is either hot or cold depending on the morale that day. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

I don't post a lot here , but I do keep up and had to chime in as well. I placed an order for a tail light and after 2 weeks called and was told they were a little behind which was fine. They also said they were developing the wiring for it to just plug into the stock wiring harness. I thought that was great, but unfortunately after an additional 3 weeks after a 3-day promise, I had to cancel.

I did try one more time, but got bad vibes again and decided against. I wish I was on the good side of their hit/miss customer service. Anywhere else was same day acknowledgements and shipping info.

Gret site guys


I spent over 1200 dollars with them this winter, took six months to get all my stuff back. NEVER AGAIN will I do business with them.

never again for me either. 3 months for a bore and hone!!!! And after that I get my cylinder back and they broke a big chunk out of the top most cooling fin. I email them back and I'm told that the guy who worked on my cylinder got yelled at and if I sent my cylinder back they would fix it. HAHAHA what a joke, like I would give it back to them after all that. I will say though Zabrina was amazingly helpful. If you do business with them, or have problems with them talk to her.

They actually responded to an email? I have never gotten an answer back from them no matter how simple the question. I'm in total awe, you must really rate.



I received my pieces three days after ordering online.......everything was exactly like I expected......no dramas, but this was my first and only order with them

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