Those with WR 400 knowledge.......

Hey guys, I have a buddy looking at buying a 99 WR 400. Could you tell me things that are good/bad about the bike. Things we should look for? How would it compare to my 04 450, other than the E-start? Does the 99 require the same mods as my 04? I would try a search, but dont know exactly what I am lookin for. Also, if any of you guys in my area are selling a WR for $3500.00 or less, let me know please, I will pass it along. Thanks for your help. :thumbsup:

I had a 2000 WR 400. I had to do the same "free mods" that I had to do with my 05 WR450. It was a good running bike. I didn't like the size of it, I'm 5'8'' and the thing was a bit to top heavy and tall. The engine is strong, plenty fast for the type of riding I do.

Also, it has manual decompressing when you start it, kind of a pain, but the bike was easy to start, so it didn't take many kicks.

I think if i would have kept the bike, i would have put a new pipe on it. The stock one was big and heavy.

I sold it to a friend of mine, the thing still runs great, with no problems.

Hope that helps


Black n blue

i have done heaps of research on my bike and it appears that the 400 is arguably the most user friendly of the 4xx series as far as maintenance, jetting and settings go for the 'average' trail rider. ( if this isnt so there will be more posts with more info for you.)

yeah ok some technoheads will say top heavy, dives under brakes rah rah, but i have learned that the 426 was too much of an animal for 'average' riders and the 450 seems to be a little touchy to get just right.

again this is speaking for 'average' trail riders.

there appears to be a weak link in the 400 chain being the small end(bearing/ pin) and can develop a knock after a period of time but this does not seem to be across the board, just in some cases. a knock can also come from a loose key in the counterbalancer, easy, cheap fix.

there is lots of info re swapping 400 cylinders, rod and piston for a 426 around ( this is what i'm about to do if it turns out that my knock is small end related).

if he is testing the bike, make sure you go through the gears a couple of times and feel how the shift lever behaves, as some report either jumping back a gear or hard to shift ( no probs in that dept for me)

now, given the time its been around there is loads of info and aftermarket options for them. yz timing is a cheap must, if thats what you want, and the regular deristricting free mods.

just a couple more things on my wish list is a yz seat and tank for grasstrack or enduro's and motard rims.

nimiz1 sent this

i found this

for identifying part numbers

and this

for genuine parts at half dealer costs.

hope this helps

as for comparison against your 450, as it is 5-6 years older it is just a little fatter, higher and slower.other than that under the skin it's basically the same. that what you want to hear? oh and dont give him shit while he's kick starting it, you electric start bastards.

electric start sound..... jik a jik a jik... wrmmmmmm

kick start kthump....................kthump.................wrmmmmm

see, not much difference.

good luck.

one more thing, either get a pipe or mod your pipe as shown here.

makes it heaps easier to kick over.

in conjunction with yz timing, starting has gone from a bit of a job to quite easy.

here is some pics

standard/ stock exhaust


stock outlet was 22mm or not quite an inch, i replaced outlet with 38mm and drilled two 10mm holes in baffle inside.

tightarse pipe.

good luck

i have the wr 400 and is a great bike, but does have considerable weight. bieng 175 lbs and short doesnt help either,but with forward momentum everything is fine. just when i stop and put my feet down and the grounds not flat, watch out because i'm going down and going through levers faster than any of my riding buddies combined.

Thanks for the input guys. I can always count on fellow TTers for some good, real world info. Thanks again. :thumbsup:

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