sprocket advice

i need some advice on new sprockets what brands the best what size is good for mostly riding at the dunes with paddle tire but still some good trail speed? :thumbsup:

I'd be glad to help, but instead of me checking your garage for verifying what bike you have, you could tell it in your post. I wouldn't mind also knowing what the stock sizes are and the sizes you are currently using.

Might give better responses to your post. :thumbsup:

and what is "best" for you is perhaps not best for someone else ...

an alu sprocket might be best for the one who thinks light weight is most important, but a stainless steel one might be best for the one who thinks a long lasting sprocket is the best ...

Titax has some steel rear sprockets who are supposed to be almost as light as an alu, but lasts almost as long as a stainless steel one .... thats what i will buy next time i buy a new rear sprocket ...

i found that the sidewinder ti moly sprockets were pretty much bulletproof

Consider me a big fan of Ironman, they even include a 1-year wear out warranty.

Consider me a big fan of Ironman, they even include a 1-year wear out warranty.

Another vote for Ironman, good stuff.

I just got a Primary Drive sprocket set and O-ring chain for $54 at Rocky Mountain MC. It looks like good quality stuff.

Another vote for Ironman, good stuff.

a 3rd and final vote for Ironman....the only sprockets I will ever buy! :thumbsup:

Ironman is a great choice. They're stainless steel, so the material stays looking good, and they look trick the way they're cut. Weight isn't a big deal, since it's only about 6oz up on a Sunstar. Check them out Here

The only downside is that they are expensive, but they last a very long time, especially when paired with a good chain like a Regina ORN or ZRH that will resist stretching and wearing out the cog.

But, if you're still deciding what gear to run, you might be better off with JT's or Sunstars until you get it sorted out. If you want to run several different rear sprockets to set up for different tracks, you might once again choose aluminum so you can afford more than one. I run Tag rears, and the one I currently have is over a year old and doing fine. My next one will probably be an Ironman, though.

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