Had a MT21 fitted yesterday to my wr400.The bike shop didn't have a 120/80/18 so they fitted a 140/80/18. The tyre fits o.k and clears everything on the bike. I mainly ride hard packed and rocky trails. Does anyone know if this tyres is o.k or will I have problems.I heard all tyres are sized differently. Are the pirelli tires size larger or small compared to other brands like Dunlop.I havn't ridden the bike yet because if the tire is no good I will get them to change it.


the tire should be okay. A much better choice would have been a dunlop 606.


Agree with fershy. Used to use the MT21 alot, but they do not hook up well in sand or mud. :D They will last a long time. :) My biggest complaint was that they did not hook up well on loose surfaces during braking, they like to slide. :D The up side to this is that this can greatly increase the pucker factor. :D

Running a Dunlop 606 at present. You have to remember that ANY tire is a compromise, you must pick what works best for the conditions you ride in for most occassions. This applies to any motorcycle, or car for that matter.

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