Has anyone put a 90watt bulb in their light??

Guys, I need some help here, I will be racing a 526mi race next weekend and I know that I will be riding a couple of hours in the dark, I currently have an H.I.D kit from Baja Designs (not installed yet) and it looks like I will have to do ALOT of modifications to get it on my bike. I was thinking of blowing off the surgery on the WR because it's getting pretty close to race time. Im thinking about just installing a 90watt bulb in the stock WR headlight. Has anyone done this? Will it damage anything? Help!!!!


I have not run a 90W, but the stock bulb has a low and high filiment. Not sure which one is normally in use (low beam?). I wired them both together using an adpater from Napa, and ran it that way over about 12 hours of use (normally run YZ plate except occasional night runs). No ill effects noted. I have a '00 with the 120W stator and never run the rear light. There seems to be enough juice to run the 60W hi and 55w low together. The light is pretty decent if you adjust it correctly, and it's extremely cheap. I'm sure the Baja HID would blow them away, though!

I would think having both bulbs on would make maximum use of the reflectors as they are designed for each filiment.

But to answer your question, no the 90w bulb shouldn't burn anything or cause you any problems. You may already know this, but DO NOT touch the bulb with your finger, it will burn out in no time :)


What are you doing on the computer? You should be out in the garage twisting wenches! Seriously, I think you may be better off installing the H.I.D kit. Brighter is better. What kind of mods are required? Anything drastic?

Good luck dude & let me know if I can help.

Thanks for the great advice guys. I found a 100 watt Hella bulb that I plan on using, I hope she'll last a couple of hours.

The stock headlight on my 99 uses the high beam. As for the high output beam, it might work for a while, but will probably shorten the life of the stator. Change it back when you are done, or just run it till it burns and put in the high output.

Thanks BF!!

How can it shorten the life of the stator?

Its just a bunch of wires that get affected by the passing of the magnets in the flywheel, and produce AC current. The system is only going to get what the stator can put out. With a 99 you have a lower output stator than the 00 and later. With no battery you just have a voltage regulater to keep the bulb from blowing. If you run a bulb that needs more watts than you have, it will never get to full brightness and you will have wasted your money. A 90 watt would work, but a 55/60 with both filaments lit would be a better all around light as it would give you hi & lo light spread from the single WR switch. (Is that what you have?) I have the BD HID with there new lamp assy, the units mounted to the inside of the # plate area above the lamp. It all mounts there well. I used 2 screws (into the threaded holes, and cut the two non threaded tabs off) to mount the "large" unit along with the "velcro". I put the smaller unit on with the velcro and it came unstuck so I drilled 2 holes and ran a zip ty around it and no problems. Warning NEVER let the + and - come togather on any part of that system. I had a battery over charge and short out and lost the "large" unit. Another thing is to make up some "solid" mounts for the headlight assy. (if you are using some thing besides the stock unit) The extra weight on a rubber band mounted models will bounce all over. I made mine from clear vinal hose and angle alum. and hose clamps, like the cover of "Dirt Rider" a few months back. Works XLNT. And so does the light!!!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

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Itsamre, I looked at a few bulbs last night. I tried the 55/60 with both fillements on and it seemed to be as bright as the 100watt with a little more foreground, but for simplicity sake I think I will just run a straight 90 or 100 instead of terminating both leads. My Dad just bought the HID from BD and it looks really trick! He offered it to me for the Vegas to Reno race on Friday. I decided not to go with the HID because I didnt feel that I could do a pro job in such a little amount of time. I agree that the majority of the HID unit should go behind the light. The kit looks real nice. I would love to see some pictures of your bike with the kit installed. Thanks....

How does the voltage regulator operate? Is it a current and voltage limiter? I don't think so, but not sure. By pulling more current from the stator (by reducing the impedance of the headlight by running them in parallel) at the same voltage, the internal resistance of the stator causes it to heat up more. This heat negatively affects the stator windings by breaking down the insulation, which might lead to an internal short, or an open if the wire itself smokes. I would imagine the regulator is a voltage controller, not a current based controller. What is the rated output for the 2000? I guess I was thinking about the 99 that I have. What the hell do I know anyway. Good luck.

The 00 and later stators are 120 watts! Not an electronics major either! I don't know if the lamp can "draw" more than the stator and regulater are designed to give up. Also doesn't the stator put out AC current that is converted to DC for the lamp? I need Dan's e-mail address to send him some pic's of my lamp set-up.


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

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Dan, You can call me at work in Pasadena at 626 795 0709,(ask for Mark)if you don't want your e-mail address posted here! I'm doing the Big Bear night dual sport ride on Sat. night. 75 miles of reading the roll chart & odometer and finding where to turn in the trees and in the dark!!! It's the most fun ride of the year for me. As luck would have it I'm the "choosen" navigater in our group so I don't have to ride in the dust. M/C lamps into dust is worse than hi-beams in clouds or fog in your car. I wear a hikers "head" type lamp on my helmet with the lamp in mouth peice area of the helmet, and the elastic strap around the helmet bottom edge with some duct tape to prevent slipping. That way where ever you look the lamp is pointing also. Look at the odom. or chart and you see it! Talk to you soon if you want some pics!


Mark...00 426 w/plates,and $4000.00 of other attachments!

Mark, Sounds like a great ride in Big Bear!!!!! I too am going to run a "miners light". My email address is "danlorenze@aol.com"

Have a great ride, talk to you later...

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