XR 600 manual

Anyone know where to obtain a manual for use on the computer. i.e. pdf of cd.


Scoot, do I have to register or something in that forum?I tried to download a file and it said that I did'nt have permision to acces... :thumbsup:

I've got it,not sure how to send it though.

I got one for my 650r off ebay. The guy I got mine from doesn't have a xr600 version but here is one. It's a little more than I paid but it's a great tool. Mine is basically a zerox of the manual put in pdf then copied to the cd rom. Everything is perfectly legible and no complaints.

Free downloads are available different places but if you don't have high speed forget it.

here a link for the one on ebay:


not my site, but I've never had a problem. NX650 is same motor btw

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