WR450... a good wife bike??

I have found in dealing with a women, get them what they want not what you want or think they should have. If they aren't having fun :thumbsup: you probably won't be either.My approach for my daughter has been, to let her help make the decisions after I made the error and bought her a used yz80. Which is what I thought she should have. After the first year of stalling and kick starting and ending up on her head from the power band type power she decided she would like something a little more mellow. After shopping again for a bike she decided on a new 2003 TTR 125LE She has been in love with it. She can start it by herself (electric start) and it runs forever on a tank of gas (more ridding time). It weighs 179lbs but after teaching her how she can pick it by herself (she's 13yrs old now). It works out good for me too. I don't have to start it, pick it up, or fill it with gas very often. :bonk: There are allot of arguments for the different bikes. You may have to help educate your gal on the particulars of each explaining how the bikes differ and what the differences mean. (2-4 stroke, mix or not to mix, power styles, suspension, seat height, the type of riding, lights or no lights, etc.) Most bikes can be lowered, there are off the shelf suspension links available for the wr's (we bleed blue here) that will lower them. The better informed she is the better decision she will make. Hit the dealers get brochures check the net. There is a gals section on thumper talk she could ask other gals what they ride and what they like or dislike. Good Luck and let us know how it turns out :thumbsup:

... Get her to try a TTR250. It has all the things she'll probably want. Low seat height, comfy saddle, good suspension, electric start and more than enough power for most anything she'll want to do. It has things you'll like, as well. It's cheap, relatively light, requires very little maintenance, is easy to work on, and hasn't changed much since 1999 making parts and accessories easy to get. Unless she's an awesome rider and you have the time to maintain hers and yours, a WR450 is probably not the right choice for either of you.

That TTR250 is a pig in its own right. Its just as heavy as the 450. However, it should be as bullet proof as those old XR's. I had a TTR225 and it was impossible for that bike not to run all the time. The entire TTR line of bikes are really solid.

I for one, am on my third bike choice for my wife. We started out with a quad, then a ttr225 and now we are on a ttr125 for her. This is all her choices and varying satisfaction/dissatisfaction with each of these.

Us guys will find a bike we like that has good size and power, then we will spend money to make it work right (new bars, pegs, fenders, levers,etc...)

I don't know of many women who are that committed to the process of obtaining the "perfect" bike.

So... good luck with your choice. I am equally interested in "how" you choose instead of what you choose.

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