How old are you and what Huskys...

...thought this might be fun as i see a lot of older guys riding Huskys on TT. I'll start...

41 years old - 93 TC610/99 WR250/02 WR250/04 TE450/04 CR125/06 TC250 (on the way)

24 years old, just got my 1st husky a couple months ago. 2004 TE250, paid $2350 for it delivered to my door.

Sold off my tank, i mean suzuki drz400 in favor of the husky.

38yrs old ... my first Husky = '06 TE 510

...oh, and I feel 48 however act 28. :bonk: Must be the 26yr old GF! :thumbsup:

Been riding bikes since I was an Embryo. Serious. Mom rode a bike before and during pregnancy. After that it was on the tank with my dad, then moved to the back seat... then my own Yami MX 80. Been doing it ever since! :thumbsup:


51 years old - '82 250WR, '85 400WR, '87 430WR, '00 WR250, '01 TE400,

'02 WR125, '03 TE610E. Bikes I still ride are in my signature.

40yrs. First Husky is my 06 TE450. Love this bike! :thumbsup:

51 years old - '82 250WR, '85 400WR, '87 430WR, '00 WR250, '01 TE400,

'02 WR125, '03 TE610E. Bikes I still ride are in my signature.

Why no WR360 in there Norman?

48+ years old. 2004 TE510, 2004 CR125 X 2. I've owned lots of jap bikes and dont think I will ever go back. :thumbsup:

29 yrs old, 00 TE400, 04 TE250, 04 CR125

41 years old....2004 WR 250 had a 72 CR 400 when I was 17 and a 82 WR 250 when I was in college at soem point

46yrs young! 410/ 2000, 570/ 2002, 510/ 2004.


Not riding in the 1990's. I did come within an ace of buying a really clean '93 360WXC this past summer. Just like Colemanapp's bike. Did I mention that I'm not man enough to start or ride a newer WR360 :thumbsup:


24 yrs. old, 99 Husky WR250.

44 Years

1984 TC 500 , 1984 TE 510 , 1985 TE510 , 2005 TC250


26 yrs old, 2005 te 450(the best bike made)!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

31 on a TE 450!

Lukejt, this bike is great! 46 and having fun. Best one yet! I enjoy having that smooth throttle control for technical, hard stuff, but then having the power to fly when given a chance. Very good grip on the dirt. I still need to take the charcol thing etc.. I can ride it easy going, or hard.. I also need to make some adjustments to the suspension.

27 got a heated 99 yz 125 and just got my 06 TC 450 lovem both

45 currently own an '04 wr250. Used to ride a '74 cr250 back in the day.

50 -- first Husky, '05 TE510.

45 years old on a TE450. I rode in the 70s, a little in the 80s, and returned to riding about 4 years ago, but this is my first Husqvarna (purchased December 05).

When I was a kid growing up in the Inland Empire, my older brother and I would go to Malcolm Smith Motorcycles in Riverside and look at the Husqvarnas. We always wanted to get Huskys. The first person I called when I got my TE450 was my brother - he hasn't ridden in years but was almost as excited as I was.

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