Front brake for 03

I own a 03 yz450, and ive noticed that some manufactures like Ride ENG. sell the kit for around 130 bucks, but you can buy the shorty line, the 2005 fork guards (which look 12x cooler) and a dr.d or applied racing mount for about 20-30 bucks, and its a heckofalot cheaper then Rides kit...would this at all possible? thanks to everyone in advanced!

The reason aftermarket lines are so expensive is because they are braided stainless steel, not rubber like the stocker. I think the RMZ 450 has an SS stock front hose, maybe one off that bike would fit. Ebay is also a good place to go- I got my SS braided CR style hose for my old 426 for $10.

yeh, the msr lines are ss. but through motosport they are around 50 bucks. but i can also get them through my dealer for about 30 bucks. but would the 05 guards and dr.d mount kit work on my bike?

The '05 guards will not work, but the Light Speed ones will. They come in cool but pricey carbon fiber, or white plastic OEM style for much less. I have a set, and they work fine.

Mine has a Galfer line on it, and with a little tweaking, I was able to use the OEM hose anchor clamp.

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