EPA: New Pollution Controls

Here we go again guys.

" The EPA said it would regulate:

--Off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. The government hopes to encourage engine changes starting in 2006. In 2009, these vehicles would have to meet more stringent standards. Vehicles intended for use in competition would be exempt."

Read all about it.

I was hoping all this nonsense would go away with the last administration. Aren't WR intended for competition? Oh well… Red stickers for everyone! :)

How much pollution could my bike possibly cause? I burn about 3 gallons of gas every weekend, no matter how bad my emissions are theres no way its even as bad as the hour drive in my truck to get to the riding area each way. I have no problem with them making engines run a little cleaner but knock off the red sticker nonsense.

Guess we better get 'em to run on diesel #2, the EPA doesn't seem to mind that.

Just a thought-

Don't you think they should put a catalectic converter on the Space Shuttle before they start picking on us?


We all know that Cat. Cnvtrs cause restriction. Our government would never self impose a restriction to a release of their hot air. :)


Ron, you have read my rantings on this subject. If we just keep in mind that a bureaucracy's first priority is self-preservation, it all makes sense.

Let's go riding this fall. Email me and we can exchange details. I'm out this weekend to ribbon and stake the TWMC Ghost Rider course. After Oct 21, it's back to trail riding and Club Enduros. Come on out! Santeedakota@earthlink.net


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Your on Dan!



if you guys head east i would like to meet with you and ride. i used to live in H.B.(grew up there) i now am in AZ. how about indio?!?!?!!!



not yz timmed yet

some mods

Never rode in Indio. What's it like? My stompin' grounds are in Lucerne, Cal City, Red Mtn/Trona, and Kennedy/Sequoia. Everywhere the club goes, plus a few of my own.


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