Fuel Screw w/o O-Ring ????

Have a Zyp T on my '05 WR.

Yesterday when changing the starter jet I destroyed the o-ring of my Zyp Ty fuel screw. :thumbsup::bonk::bonk:


May I ride without the o-ring until I get a new one ???? :thumbsup:

Thank you for your advice.


it should be fine, but it *may* vibrate/turn/come out.

Not likely though

get another o-ring, unless you want to get another fuel screw.

Not only is it likely to fall out, but it won't modulate the fuel setting properly and your bike will run funky...SC

The o-ring is a gasket that prevents a vacuum leak. I don't think the bike will run very well without it. I wouldn't try it.

OK gentlemen:

You have given me a good reason to wait until I get a new o-ring.

Thanks to all of you, I have learnt something new about my WR.



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