left over 05 yz 450

I have a 05 and found 1st gear to be a pain on some mountain rides. The flywheel fix would hurt me on the track, so I went one tooth smaller in the front. It's easy to swap out and most of the time isn't needed.. Also through the stock chain away they suck! Get you a O-ring chain...

Shove out the $1000 dollars on the new 2006. Your getting this 05 left-over for $5,880, I just bought a new 06 for 6,864 out the door, and I even had to pay for crate and shipping (180) because my dealer was out of stock, so it was really only 6,680 out the door, after tax, title, etc...

I choose the 06 because of the new frame (main point), and all the other new features, plus I rode one and fell in love :thumbsup:

It's your money. Either way its a Yamaha.

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