Re-vamped 426

I made this thread yesterday in the pics and vids forum but I thought a lot of the YZF fans in here would like to see it too. This was a Valentine's day present from my fiance. She ordered me the N-Style Ultra '06 kit like a month ago and decided to tease me with it for the last 2 weeks till I got it. Grrrrrrr :thumbsup: . Gotta love her though. This is a before and after shot(s).



AFTER with new muffler as well



I plan on getting the full trim kit but first I have to get new plastic. I'm also going to get new pre-print number backgrounds for the next season. I'll keep you posted. I'm stoked on how it came out. My first graphics job.

Thats awesome

Could you take some pics when it is light outside?

Also do the graphics wrap around the gas cap area like the 03+ aftermarket graphics?

Lookin good.

Looking pretty good kizzle.

Looks good.

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