Water Crossings

New to 4 strokes from a yz250... soz 4 the STUPID question... is there anything i need to know or do b4 doing water crossing??? with the bike and whatnot?? and how deep approximately can you go without flooding it??? and if so do you turn it upside down with the spark plug out and crank it over??

Yes to drying it out removing the spark plug. You read that ADB mag too hey?

I go through water over 1m deep, it's over the seat anyway.

Just don't stop or stack it! These aren't huge river crossings, just creeks and the like. Bike is in water less than 5 sec.

My airbox is open on the right side too, I just stop on the other side to check airbox but never really any water in there. Momentum is the key.

The cam breather tube might be a problem, on the '05's they are routed to the airbox. I re-routed mine down the frame like the WR250 (makes way less mess in the airbox), but I put it back to the airbox for these water crossings.

Don't look at the water, set your sights on the ground on the other side. This will help balance.

lol yep good mag 2...

I have the WR426 01 so dont know about the breather but i have heard of the little hole in the side of the engine...is this it???

So even with the airbox mod done water over the seat is no problem UNLESS i stack or stop???

Thanx for all the help and sorry 4 the stupid obvious questions... :thumbsup:


The 426 still has a breather tube on top of the cam cover.

Until you re-route the crank case vent up into the airbox...............

If you kill it in water deeper than lower frame tubes DO NOT hit the button. Youre better off puttin it in neutral and pushing it out.

The vent tube will pull water into the engine during starting :thumbsup:

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