Clutch Question

I burned my clutch up this weekend and went and bought a clutch rebuild kit (friction pads, steel plates, and springs). I bought a kit from DP and one of the friction rings is narrower than all the rest. I took out my old friction rings and they are all the same width, roughly 3/4" wide. The smaller ring from the DP kit is about 3/8" wide. Anyone know why they would include the smaller ring. I went to their webpage and they don't show any installation instructions. I'm thinking my local shop may have ordered the wrong kit, but there is no label on the case the kit came in. :thumbsup:

Forgot to mention, my bike is an '05 WR 450.

Just a little FYI on the clutch thing...In an effort to save weight, Yamaha used a different clutch pack in the WR than in the YZ. However, the WR will accomodate the YZ clutch pack, no problem. Their are more friction rings and steel rings in the YZ version, but they are uniform throughout. If you go to the Yamaha parts website and compare the two, you'll see what I mean. I'll be due for a clutch replacement soon as well, but I've got a full Hinson YZ clutch going in with the OEM plates as well. It should prove to be much more durable over the OEM components. As far as your dilemma goes, look at the parts site schematic and that should give you a good idea of what's going on...SC

Here's a comparitive pic...


Don't know about he four fiddies, but on the four twenty sixers, the first (inner most) friction plate is narrower than the others as you describe. There is a spacer and belville spring that fills up the area between the ID of the plate and the hub. Don't really know what it's supposed to do best, but it's there. Sounds like you got MY clutchpack, and not one for a 450...

Does The Diff Between Yz And Wr Clutch Hold Trun For The 03-04 Wr's

The only way the clutch would worn was to add the smaller sized Friction ring. There were the same number of matching friction plates and steel plates that were the same size, with one smaller friction plate and steel plate. The kit wouldn't work without adding the smaller friction plate and extra steel plate. I believe they sent me a kit for an '03 YZF/ WR 450. Hopefully it will hold up for the weekend :thumbsup:

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