my new 426

I have a 00 426. The best mod I did was the 03 cam. :thumbsup:

No more worries about the bike stalling, especially over a jump. Large double, bike stalls=bad things. scarey memory.

I really would like to buy an 06 450, but the 426 just keeps going. Oil changes and keep the air filter clean, a semi annual spark plug. It starts so easy and has a ton of power. I ride Mx, most of the time, and It would be nice to get a new bike, but the 426 is not holding me back skill wise. Anyway, I think of it like this. I can be a slow rider on an aging 426 or I can be a slow rider on a shiny new bike. :thumbsup:

Actually, I have been thinking about picking up a newer 450. The 06 bikes are so good that there are a lot of used 04s and 05s for sale.

Well im actually suprised in myself i've only stalled twice and that was pulling out from the car. What suprises me even more is I dont have problems starting it. I dumped it up on a little track up in the trails and it was dead and flooded and it only took 1 good kick to start it and compared to most 426-450 riders im tiny. Im only 5' 4". How much does it smooth the power out? I was thinking of maybe getting a flywheel weight to lessen the whiplash snap and help with the low speed stuff

bike looks extremely clean. cool bike!

i recomend a flywheel weight for trail riding, i personally dont like to change the factory gearing more than 1 tooth in the rear on these bikes as it takes too much away from the top speed in the the gear that you are in. these bikes have so much torque that with a flywheel weight you can lug-muscle your way through most anything and still get some decent speed without shifting to much.(my 04 450 can go as slow as 6 miles an hour to 28 miles an hour in first gear according to my trailtech)

when trail riding i am able to pretty much pick a gear in most sections and stay there.

have fun nice bike :thumbsup:

Two weeks ago I made the change to a 13 51. I can pick a gear with the trails i usually ride but I go boonie crashing a bit and NO WAY could anyone do good at all in the woods we ride in with the stock gearing without seriosly abusing the clutch and I like the low gearing for panic situations like someone crashes in front of you on a really steep hill climb and you got slow almost to a stop to get around you can just have the nice deep first gear. I have hardly lost any top end i can still hold long power wheelies all the way to the rev limiter in any gear and I dont care about top speed at all I never use 4th or 5th and before the gearing change I didnt even use 3rd

nice bike looks like mine wen i first got it same price too :thumbsup:

Whats the biggest baddest skid plate I can get. Ive been told about white brothers and Utah and moose are the beefiest. Ive heard that the una bikers and flatland rad braces are the strongest, which ones do you guys prefer? I was also thinking about having my dad make me a power now and rejet and have him make a adjustable fuel screw knob. One last thing Im thinking about shaving my seat what would work mest a regular bread knife, electric knife, hot wire thing

I heard the jd jet kit is the way to go

You heard right. I put a JD jet kit on m '03 a few weeks ago. Its like it awakens the real beast inside of my bike. Its good and bad. Good because I have so much power. Bad because I have almost too much power.

Ok I've had the bike out a few times now and now I'd really like to dial in the suspension. I'm having major problems with arm pump every time I go on the track. I really think adjusting the forks would help me a lot. I'm 150 with no gear on and do a mix of mx, hillclimbs, and trails. I don't really care about how my suspesion is setup on the trails but it'd be really nice to be able to race with my friend on his yz85 for more than 3 laps. I already set my sag but I'd like to not bounce when I pack jumps (very scary) other than that my rear suspension is fine. My forks are just plain too stiff but I don't have the money for new springs or re-valve. I like to have my suspesion on the soft side. I only jump about 60 feet so I don't need racer suspesion. Any help would be appreciated.

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