counter shaft play on the 650R

The CS on my pig has at least 3mm play on it .... thats in and out play.

It slides in and out of the tranny about 3mm.

In fact it comes pretty darn close to the CS sprocket guard..... is this normal.

I have never had a bike with CS shaft play before??

Please, someone run outside and go check to see if when you pull and push

the front sprocket towards and away from the motor if it has play on it. :thumbsup:

Mine does too. I think it's pretty normal. It allows the front sprocket to float a bit while in motion. Don't sweat it.

Cool, thanks I thought it may have had something to do with the jingling noise

I hear.... damnd annoying and I can't find the cause.....sounds like somethings lose but I can't find it.. :thumbsup:

me too. Mines also rustier than a boat at the bottom of the north atlantic. The previous owner left the chainguard on which trapped mud/moisture.

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