YZ426 vs WR400 question...

I'm a newbie here but was told by a good friend this was the place to come for the real info on bikes. I am debating getting a 426 from a guy at a really good price, around $2k. Its in awesome shape. The other bike I was looking at is a 2000 WR400F, all tricked out, for around $3000. I'm an old guy, turning 40 in a couple of months so I will be doing mainly woods and trails with barely any true motocross (not 15 any more!). So my question to you fine folks is, of the two, which one is the better choice? And is it true the 426 will overheat in the woods? Any help with this global decision would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:

I'd get the 426. It's a much better bike. I love my '02. You can get exactly what you want for it. Make a list of what you want. I'd start with a Rekluse, and then....wait a sec. Just click on My Garage and see what I've done to mine. It already had a skid plate when I got it.

Wow, that garage thing is cool! Yeah, between the time I posted this and now, I have researched comments on this site and have pretty much decided on the 426 :thumbsup:

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