street legal in modesto

I bought a baja designs kit, installed it, regestered it. sweeeeeeet. all I have to do is learn how to not ride like i ride in the dirt.


Marty that geart come on up on the 29th to downieville for the daul sport ride it will be lots of fun I will be camping over night at the cal-ida camp ground.


Simple as that??? did the DMV hassle you at all? Was the instalation a simple process or did it require some work? Did you have to get DOT approaved tires. What about the noise of the bike?? Let me know Im seriously thinking about doing it to mine. Thanks

Hey socalwr400! It was realy easy. Bought a baja designs kit just followed directions. The stator modification was the only part that was a little difficult,took me a good part of a day but I think it can be done faster. I did have to get some DOT tires dunlop D606 nobbies from baja designs. They give you all the papers you need to get it regestered with instructions. I took one paper to my local yamaha shop to sign off inspection for lights,blinkers,ect. they never even looked at my bike. DMV only took about ten minuts with an appointment and they dont inspect your bike. I am running a stock wr exhaust uncorked had a yz pipe but took it off but I will have to put the cork in my pipe to take my motorcycle licence to be safe. The one thing that is VERY IMPORTANT IS THE YEAR YOUR BIKE gree sticker ok red sticker I don't think will regester. Good luck, I really enjoy motoing to work on it. If you have any more questoins let me know or call baja designs.


PS MONTY - I think i'm going to wait for some rain to fall as I don't care for all the dust.

Well, we're getting rain here in Santa Rosa - hopefully it will make it's way over to Tahoe before Saturday. I was at Downieville this weekend and it was very, very dusty.


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