650R HRC Kit???

Anyone know where I can get an HRC Kit from? Everyone I talk to says they're back ordered. Standard bore, comes with the cam, chain, the whole choo choo.

Tried XR's no luck, tried RPM, same thing, couple shops around town, no deal. anyone?? :thumbsup:

Try Precision Concepts but it won't be cheap.

Service Honda.com. I punched in the part # a while back and it came up at around $900 or so. By the way, you can buy your own Wiseco (or other) high comp piston, and then get a Hot Cam's Stage 1 cam, and then maybe you can get the heavy duty cam chain by itself from Honda. Put simply, you can build your own HRC kit for significantly less. Worth looking into anyway before you drop the big bucks.

I have got my 650 set up with the hrc kit but if I were to build another bike I would definately go to Rob Barnum to set up my 650. He is the man to talk to and have build you a bad ass bike for a good price. You will not be dissapointed. (760)868-8097


IMO If you want to do an HRC kit, spring for the real thing. Forget the high compression piston, bike stalls too easy.

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