'00 650 Issues

So...just picked up a 650 "uncorked" from a friend, tore the suspension down and replaced bearings(he was afraid of greasing them apparantly) and put new IMS footpegs, shifter, cables and hoses sprockets and oring chain on the beast. My question is this, are these bikes valvetrains as bulletproof as i've heard, and how often do their valves need adjustment? I don't have a manual yet but am getting one soon. I'm new to the big XR, having had CRFs before so any advice would be appreciated.

As all bikes, you will have to keep an eye on it before every ride. It is true that this bikes requires less maintenance costs that other bikes.

On my bike, we review the valves approximatelly every four months, we just have adjusted the valves like twice a year.

The manual says to adjust the valves every 600 miles, same as ol intervals. From personal experience on my '03, I have only had to make an adjustment every other, or every 3rd oil change, and it's only a slight adjustment. I check them every time, usually while my bike is draining.

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