New bike

Alright so tonight I will pick up my 06 450. I sold my 04 crf last sunday and decided that yamaha is the way to go. any suggestions on what to do other tan gease the linkage steering head and so forth. thanks

Keep an eye on the loosens up real easy. I am getting a good RK Gold for mine

Lift the forks up to the first notch right away.

Don't go over about ten hours on the stock will continue to stretch, and if it gets too long, it will eat the sprockets.

Get a Zip-Ty (or another manufacturer) Fuel Screw, so that Atmospheric conditions (e.g. temperature, humidity, Altitude) can be compensated for. Then it will be easy to adjust, rather than having to carry a shortened screwdriver with you.

Cool thanks guys I have the bike in my garage. I am gonna keep it simple. new chain and sprockets, grips, decal works numbers, probably a new front tire and set the sag plus grease her up. cant wait for the weather to brake.


Jet the bike before you ride it. The fuel screw is not the fix all method.

Get an hourmeter for it....takes the guesswork out of maintenance. If I had to do my "new bike" experience all over again (and I will, just a matter of time) I would check my valve clearances before riding it to ensure they were set correctly and to have an idea of a baseline setting. If the first time you check them happens to be at 50 hours (like someone I know....), you'll know if they changed at all. Not necessary, just nice to know.


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