Looking for 48 pilot jet

I have purchased every thing to do the free mods on my 05 wr450 except the 48 pilot jet. None of the local dealers have one. Got the AIS removal from TT but it does not come with the 48 pilot jet. Where can one be purchased from?

You can order it from sudco, but shipping is kinda expensive for only 1 jet. Won't the dealer order one for you? That's where I got mine.

Zanottis also has em online. Again, unless you order a few things, the shipping will probably be more than the jet. But, if you need it, you need it.

A local Yamaha shop actually gave me one. I couldn't believe it. Maybe they felt bad after telling me I didn't need a new leak jet and starter jet--I'll just mess things up. Yah right. I went and ordered those from zanotti's!

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